Monday, August 17, 2015

Krysta Youngs - (New Single) Xanax (A Love Song)

Krysta Youngs is remarkably accomplished pop song writer, performer and collaborator, despite her youth (and despite her humble roots, back here in Michigan). Her special blends of leftfield pop, electronica and dance-rock are perfect for those pensive, resolving drives into the night, when one's just left the club with a head and heart full of twisted emotions, be they vitriolic or be they bemused.

The songs Youngs has been working on since she moved out to L.A. have been featured on MTV's The Real World, ESPN and more. She's also written for (or with) such high tier pop icons like Christina Aguilera. The arrangement for her new single, with softened indie-folk-rock riffs and lighter cinematic chimes and swoons sutured under booming beats supplementing her voice soaring with this bravado that's got both a bright side and a dark side.

Tell me more about your Michigan roots and what it was like growing up here? How did your time here influence your music? I was born and raised in Flint, MI.  When I was eight I moved to Grand Blanc and met the fabulous Tunde Olaniran, one of the highlights of my life. Being raised in Michigan definitely had an impact on me and my music.  Flint and Grand Blanc have that small town vibe and I'm a big dreamer so making music and listening to music helped bridge the gap between my location and my goals.

What do you consider your most formative moment, musically, creatively...I can remember watching MTV for the first time and just being glued to the TV.  I decided right then and there that I was going to perform on the MTV Video Music Awards.  When I was four I used to dance on my kitchen table wearing a tutu and singing into a toy microphone.  My future was apparently already written.      

The new music video for Xanax (A Love Song) debuts tonight at midnight
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LA seems like an entire other galaxy compared to Flint. Tell us about your experience there, the key lessons/insights you've learned

If you live in LA you're literally one degree of separation from anyone or anything in the music industry. It makes you feel like anything is possible and I honestly believe that it is.

Tell us about this summer's single, "Xanax (A Love Song)" and how this song and in what/any way has your recent writing/singing shown an evolution in your approach, style, craft, compared to a few years earlier?
Xanax (A Love Song) is 100% honest, authentic and autobiographical.  Since moving to LA, 3 years ago, I've mainly been writing songs for other artists.  This song, like the new EP has no rules, no boundaries, no expectations and was created from a childlike love for music.   

What's next? 
     I'm traveling to Nashville, TN in the fall to start working on an album with my good friend Julia Sinclair.  She co-wrote most of my EP "Prescriptions" with me and we have a really cool musical connection.  I'm looking forward to   making more magic with her.

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