Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Microphone Phelps The Attic EP Release Show

These words are the oracle
Welcome to the Attic

Earlier this summer, Detroit rapper Microphone Phelps put out a magnificent batch of songs that included "The Haunting." Now, that's exactly the word I wanted to use to describe his newest single, "The Attic," and it got me thinking what was so haunting about the MC's signature expressions and rhymed confessions..

His words are so percussive, they grab you by the collar, they grasp both your shoulders, they shake you, shunt you forward, you bob and weave to the convulsive conveyance of sinuously wrapped words. It's a trend I've found in several of Mic Phelps songs over the last five years, verses that lead into choruses and soon accelerate into these blurring bridges, where the delivery of the raps starts to feel like a clenched muscle, starts to accelerate without sacrificing any graceful articulation yet still startle or stimulate the listener with the fervor. 

On last month's "The Haunting," he raps that he spills blood on every track and with "The Attic" that's becoming ever more evident. Where as "The Haunting" was a restatement of purpose, a forceful mission statement, a poignant poring over of motivational sources, "The Attic" takes you to the laboratory where Phelps was formed, its a place of regeneration for the rhymer, a source of confidence-restoration, building toward "eliminating limitations," 

There's a sense of "haunting" vibes in some of his tracks because some of his tracks, particularly the lyrics of the writer himself, effectively evoke the sense of high stakes; success in perspective, self-fulfillment in measurements, day to day, song to song, verse to verse, ever-climbing (like stairs to the attic). 

The Attic EP release show is Saturday, Aug 15 at Tony V's 
ft. Microphone Phelps
Krvspy (...who, by the way, produced The Attic)
Ro Spit
and Macs The Realest
with DJ Dash


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