Sunday, August 23, 2015

Library Love - Aug 28 @ The Loving Touch

This is the third year in a row that I’ve co-hosted a Benefit Concert for the Ferndale Library. I’ve worked here five years and for all five of those years, the library has been struggling to raises its revenues back to pre-recession levels (i.e., pre-2008). When an economy drags it lowers the housing values and effects the property taxes that go to fund the library… It’s a long story that likely gets deeper into some more economics jargon, but I’d rather use this Benefit Concert as something more… Could our library use the support? Of course, but could our library, like all libraries everywhere, use a bit of help in terms of advocacy? Like, reminding as many folks as possible of the immeasurable worth of a library and the services it provides… It’s easy to overlook in a post-Internet age, like the Post Office or Telephone Booths… No, wait, like Museums and Theatres, Libraries are in danger of being ignored out of some alarming misconception that they’ve worn into an obsolescence now that we all have Wi-Fi, Netflix and Google image searches for our Picasso jpegs and Michealangelo memes…

Won't you join us?

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