Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dimensional Riffs

Hey! Great..., you clicked the link and you're on the page. (Thanks). Wanna hang out for about 12 minutes? Click play:

Seems like when I was growing up, online music zines and blogs were so anxious and eager to be the first to tell you about a band! In that spirit, I bring you: Dimensional Riffs

But even then, how insufferably self-aggrandizing would it be of me to presume that I'm discovering this band for you... When all I'm really trying to do is do my very damndest to keep up on all the notable local music produced in-and-around Detroit (& Michigan) year-in and year-out.

THIS.... is Dimensional Riffs

pictured, blurred together: Alex Reynolds (guitar/vocals) Alex Hubert (bass/vocals), Victor Glenn (percussion)

This is finespun fray, tightened-wobbling and shambolic grooviness. This is playful 60's psychedelic sing-songey melodies over distorted fabrics of feedback and racing rhythms. These are earworm choruses who's notes and hooks get stuck in your head, even if the actual lyrics are about filth and anthropomorphized cutlery.

You can't call it garage, even if it sounds nostalgically rough-hewn ("Bathe In Filth"). You can't call it psychedelic just because it has a wavy surrealism ("Growling Spoon"). You can't call it post-punk just because it has moments of artistic-feeling aggression ("Flood's Wave '14.") You can't call it indie just because it has this affable ambling nature to its softer sweet parts ("Simple Question"). You can call it whatever you want, after all of that... My goal was just to get you to let it stream^ while you read my ramblings. I'm taken with the name, I'll say, and their origin mythos of shearing their way through a rift in our space-time continuum to collect themselves inside a breakfast nook for the concoction of mini-ballads

Maybe you heard it here first. Maybe you didn't.

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