Tuesday, June 6, 2017

David Bierman Overdrive's "Everything You Say"

David Bierman Overdrive have a new digital single out on Gangplank Records, celebrated by a release party this Saturday at Ant Hall. 

Bierman is a power-pop stylist with an excellent sensibility for the perfect, punchy guitar hook. The group he led here around town in the 90's, Junk Monkey, got plenty of praise for taking alt-rock into tighter, twistier territories where guitar solos could be exuberant, choruses could be catchy-as-hell, and everything didn't have to be so weighted down by the general grimness of that era's predominant grunge sounds.

Thing is, Bierman had been away from the music scene for almost 20 years, until a triumphant return back in 2014 on Gangplank Records, with the album Standard Skies. ("A voice from the past enlivens the present")  

He's keeping the momentum up, right here, with the latest single, "Everything You Say."

A straight-up toe-tapper...sometimes even a boot stomper; with plenty of fire in those guitars and that pedal steel, lots of aerobic kicks to the drums and augmenting bass booms. And I like the raspy/soulful timbre to Bierman's voice, launching into those infectious (and unabashedly pop-centric) "nah-nah-nah-nah-naah-NAH's"....

He's backed here by a veritable local super group: David Feeny, Kevin Perri, Stephen Palmer, Jim Faulkner. 

The release party this Saturday includes much more than the new Gangplank singles, but ALSO features a full length release from the band Your Gracious Host. 

Also on the lineup this Saturday, is Touch The Clouds
Find more info here.

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