Thursday, June 8, 2017

Song Premier: JC Motorcade - "Damn You To Hell"

I started a draft of this special Song Premier post by revealing a bit too much back story about the band behind it. Now, I'm editing myself and embracing the obscurity of their alter-egos...

JC Motorcade is a freight train of a trio that blends garage and a bit of metal; a speedy/shreddy, psychedelic trip, with considerable volume and quirky swagger...

The guitarist and drummer here may be recognizable from previous projects, but they've been RESURRECTED here, with JC Motorcade's eccentric style of "Jesus Rock...!" The main players are credited as Isiah Thomas..., Thomas Thomas..., and Thaddeus Dayton Cruz III.

And so...
Continuing our Thursday premiers, here's "Damn You To Hell" by JC
Higher Than Heaven album comes out June 16

Now, this record isn't asking you to like Christian rock...  And, at the same time, I really don't think it's too overtly satirizing that notoriously cheesy genre, at least not with TOO much venom. I think, more than anything, it's a spinning-top of a metal-rock record just being let loose to knock all the fine china off the table of sensitivity.  

In "Damn You To Hell," the opening track off Higher Than Heaven, there's a recollection of Spinal Tap's "Druids" monologue through the bridge. Then there's that quick slewfooted tell-off in the chorus, "betta' get right wit Christ...!" Betta get right with Christ!! There's the condemnation of you, yeah you... "and your heathen friends..."

I had a blast with this song. "Can I get an amen???" "I'm riding shotgun with Jesus Christ!!" You just gotta sing it with that verve... That just slightly-snarky verve! 

But really, this is just pure turbo-charged, roller-coaster, tornado rock, with plenty of fire in the amps, pulse-raising cymbal rolls, and gutsy theatrics in the vocals.

The power of JC Motorcade compels you...

The team behind Sophisticated Professional Records have been quietly working on a couple projects over the last year, including a country-twang-out type of album that we showcased here earlier. JC Motorcade definitely has a lot more adrenaline, and a lot of that quasi-nihilistic/just-along-for-the-ride/yet-somewhat-also-thought-provoking kind of flaming-jet-plane-barrel-roll-into-a-trance-like-state-of-fuck-it-all-head-banging... so much head-banging!

And I think this song, and the record that's on the way, is certainly aggressive, gnarly, bombastic... But it's also finding them with evolved ears in their home studio, meticulously mixing down the chaos for optimal aural tremors to where those demolition drums and those comet-fire guitars can all blend together beautifully... Beautiful bombast.


JC Motorcade Features...
Isiah Thomas - Guitar/Vocal 
Thomas Thomas - Guitar/Vocal 
Solomon Burke - Guitar 
Miguel Rodriguez - Guitar 
Paul Stubbs - Bass Guitar 
Thaddeus Dayton-Cruz III - Drums 
Deacon Ron - Spiritual Advisor

You can hear the album in its entirety on June 16!  

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