Tuesday, December 26, 2017

DD White Homecoming Show

DD White may be based mainly in New York, now, but Michigan will forever be their home! At least it's the original home of Tiffany Doodle Wiesend, Collin Stanley, and Chris Agar, the group's singer, guitarist, and bassist. Drummer Zach Simao may not be a Michgander, but I'm still gonna claim this band for the Mitten! Besides, DD White's sound fits in so well with fellow power-pop stylists here in town, such as Brother Hollow, who happen to be joining DD White this Friday night at Ant Hall for this ostensible "homecoming" show. 

The key ingredient to DD White is fun. Every song snaps, every song has soul, every song has a groove to it... The hooks are indelible, the drums can hit so hard, and the vocals can soar. It's a composite of several indie-rock strains, lots of which incline towards tight and terrifically melodic pop. But fun, the inclination towards an ebullient 3 minute song that sutures an audience right into the celebratory vibe and engages them..., that's always evident to be their sole agenda.

It's getting easier to stay indoors with the weather getting colder, not to mention all of our devices, streaming services and various creature comforts. DD White, just like Brother Hollow, present themselves with the necessary high energy needed to relocate that enthusiasm we all once had (and can feel again) for a live music performance. That, and, you know you're going to be inundated with concert invitations on New Year's Eve, so why not treat yourself to a more focused evening of local music inside a spacious venue. No pressure. Just fun.

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