Monday, December 18, 2017

Milo Show - Episode 20

I'm proud to present the 20th episode of "The Milo Show"

Two years ago, Kristi Billings and I were enthused by Josh Malerman and his crew at Casket Full of Rough Drafts to launch into this monthly production of half-hour-long episodes that would combine my interviews with local artists, musicians, movers and shakers, and splice in two live performances from a new pair of Detroit-area bands.

Chad Stocker (of The Mythics and The High Strung) joined Kristi and I for episode # 4 and served (and continues to serve) as the show's audio engineer. The entire operation was DIY. Nothing was scripted. And we hosted each episode in a different location each time (book stores, basements, backyards, bedrooms, theaters, bars, anywhere...)

We're taking the Winter off so Chad and I can cook up some new ideas and very likely evolve the format.

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This is, sadly, a swan song for Kristi. I'm so proud of and impressed by everything she was able to create with this show, especially as a film editor. She was in charge of three cameras and served as each episode's director. At times, that could be like herding cats and she did a great job. Let me put this shameless plug in for Kristi--if you're looking for someone to help out with a video or photography project in 2018, maybe consider her? Chad and I will miss her in the new year. But I have to say, it was a blast to work with both of them, as well as receive enthusiastic support (by way of their performances and participation) from the members of the local music scene who appeared as guests.

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