Thursday, July 19, 2018

Crash Detroit

July 20-22 at various locations

It's a pity how much music is relegated to various backgrounds. It's white noise for study-work, it's amorphous muzak for department stores, or it's chill-wave ambiance at house parties to avoid awkward silence. But there will be no awkward silence this weekend in Detroit...

...Crash Detroit is a refreshing remedy to the troubling trend of an audience-nonchalance that can sometimes be observed in clubs where the crowd opts to chat and drink at the bar instead of participate or engage with the live music happening on a stage. You know "crash bands" even if you don't know their name, because you'll often see them (like, say, The Detroit Party Marching Band), manifesting as a flash-mob-style music parade of 20 players bandying brass and bass drums, voluminously spicing up (or splicing through) another event, locale, or otherwise unrelated (and unaware) gathering.

This three-day festival will include live rogue marching bands from across the country at various locations, Lincoln Street Art Park, the Marble Bar, and the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard. The Detroit Party Marching Band (pictured above) launched this free annual music event launched in 2014. Several unamplified (and ultra exuberant) ensembles will perform multiple sets of brass-heavy music. But there will also be kids craft tables, build-your-own-instrument workshops, an "instrument petting zoo" facilitated by Charity Music, and lots of food and beverages from local businesses.

On Friday night, bands will "crash" through Detroit by roaming the city and bringing pleasant surprises of boisterous music to unaware audiences at local bars, restaurants and public spaces. The idea is to make the music an impromptu, drop-everything sort of celebration. Let the music take over!!

The Detroit Party Marching Band will headline day-long performances and musical exhibitions on Saturday at Lincoln Street Art Park; the party keeps going that same night, when Crash Detroit transitions into the Marble Bar at 9pm. Then, on Sunday, Crash coordinates with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy to roll through the Dequindre Cut Freight Yard in Eastern Market.

Proceeds for the event will benefit Youth Crash Corps initiative. Youth Crash Corps provides music education to kids in Detroit who do not have access to music programs at their school. Certified music educator Nichole Hartrick helps students learn how to perform and read music, providing them free access to a band instrument. The YCC classes culminate with a performance during the Crash music festival!

“We know that students who don’t have access to a quality music education are missing out on the benefits of learning to play an instrument," Hartrick said. "Students who study music perform better in their core classes and on standardized tests, and we’re excited to be able to provide this opportunity for students in Detroit.”

Going back to allowing yourself to fully engage with music, it makes Crash an excellent time to consider how crucial music can be to the cultural and intellectual development of young students. So if you happen to have any used instrument(s) that you'd like to donate, Crash will be collecting them for next year's YCC, with a drop-off area at the information booth on Saturday (2-8pm).

The featured lineup of bands includes:
Detroit Party Marching Band
Hungry March Band
Gabriel Brass Band,
Filthy FemCorps
The Drumadics
Chaotic Noise Marching Corps
Big Blitz
Jefferson Street Parade Band
Youth Crash Corps
and The Party Band


Visit or the Facebook event for the full schedule of performances.

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