Saturday, July 21, 2018

Shady Groves: And the future of Quiet Wolf, Quells, and Underflow Records

Shady Groves is giving us an album before they go on hiatus. The Detroit-area dream-pop five-piece are still going to be making music in the year ahead, but with one of its key contributors moving away to Scotland soon, it's uncertain when they'll each be able to get back into a studio together. Nevertheless, their second album, Dreamboat, is coming out soon, and "Quiet Wolf" is the lead single...

Shady Groves manifested in 2015, the collaboration of songwriters Adam Fitzgerald, Dylan Caron and Jeff Yateman. Colt Caron (piano), Sage Denam (drums) and Jamie Dulin (bass) would eventually join, filling things out after Yateman left the band in late 2016. They found a slick, smooth electro-pop sound that was keen on rich tones, propulsive arrangements and a hushed kind of crooning vocal melody. I always felt like they found this serene musical field where they could fuse something melodramatic the Smiths, contemplative like the Shins, post-chill-wave vibe-outs like Wild Nothing and an adventurous sense for reconstructing the possibilities of pop, like Tennis.

Fitzgerald is heading to Edinburgh to continue teaching and pursue another dream of becoming a published author. Dylan Caron, meanwhile, is going to launch a solo career under the moniker Quiet Wolf. Yateman, meanwhile, is better known as Hazeman, Jemmi Hazeman, that is, the musical leader of the Honey Riders. While he's overseas, Fitzgerald is going to continue releasing music with his own solo project, Quells, while the members of Shady Groves keep in creative partnership with their new label Underflow Records.

Both of these two new tracks appeared on Underflow's new soundcloud this week, click here. 

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