Sunday, July 22, 2018

Height Keech "Zen On Ten" -ft Mister (VIDEO)


Computer Rocker is the latest album from Baltimore rapper Height Keech, featuring this stellar/gnarly single with Detroit-based emcee Mister. Keech oversees his own label, Cold Rhyme Records, which I highly suggest checking out. These two have distinctive voices that you might not otherwise expect to fuse together so fluently, but something about Mister's baritone growl goes nicely with Keech's higher register drawl. This video was, obviously, produced while they were on tour--showcasing some ingenuity by framing and lighting the otherwise mundane ambiance of a Super 8 Motel room.

Dan (Height) Keech and Bryan (Mister) Lackner have been touring pretty regularly together throughout the year, much of which was discussed in a recent episode of a podcast that's produced by Chad Stocker of the High Strung. I mean, this is probably a good time to remind any of my readers that I also have a podcast on Soundcloud, where I sit down with musicians and pick their brains...If you like the audio-version of my interview style, consider following Chad and I on soundcloud.

For more info, follow Cold Rhyme Records. 

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