Friday, December 18, 2015

Matthew Milia mixtape

I am home from war or some tour of some blurry life 

Matthew Milia is in a constant state of reflection and travel. I imagine him in a passenger seat, often, with his eyes gazing back into his own eyes from the sideview mirror and the road blurring by beneath him as the band, Frontier Ruckus, in which he sings, plays guitar and writes lyrics, heads on to their next tour stop. That reflecting, though, isn't really in a mirror, it all gets spilled onto notebook paper. It's all in his words. Beyond that, it's also in his head. In Milia's head, a storm of words get sorted into jet streams and then they get keenly curled, bent and whipped into interestingly melodic flows. That's when he picks up a guitar and presses record....

Listen to Milia's latest mixtape HERE

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