Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Milo Show

Hey, Milo here...
I'm finally caught up on my writing for the year and can take a moment to properly (and belatedly) introduce THE MILO SHOW.

What's the big idea? I'd say it's lacking any one big idea and is, instead, a capturing of the noisy, funny and awkward essence of several hundred ideas or quips or bits or bad jokes thrumming together like a directionless murmuration over the horizon of the Internet

I'm sitting down, with a couple chairs and a coffee mug, and talking to the creative-types, the musicians, the writers, the makers, the doers, the noise-makers, the thinkers, the cultural contributors and the charismatic quirkoids of the SE Michigan arts environment.... Unscripted. Raw. Subtle. Mellow. Funny? Insightful...sometimes profound.... Or, eventually: Profound!

Couple interviews, a few live bands...We'll see what we can do!

Thanks for watching!
Episode 4 features Eddie Logix, Jim Cherewick, The Rogue Satellites and Found Sound/Tool&Die's Chris Butterfield. Debuting Jan 1....

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