Monday, December 7, 2015

x2015: Top 10 favorite songs

Presented in no particular order, my Top 10 favorite songs of 2015.
by: Thomas Matich

X- Fort Romeau "Cloche" -- from the album Insides -- Ghostly International 2015.

This song comes from what is probably my vote for favorite album as well. Such an easy, yet continuous sonically rewarding and surprising album with deep mysterious groves and woven nuance. At times an updated version of Patrick Cowley's more dark disco -- and at others it sounds right at home with best of Detroit and Chicago's classic house and techno.

 X - Future "Fuck Up Some Commas" -- from the album DS2 -- A1 Recordings/ Freebandz/ Epic Records 2015 (and 2014's "Monster" mixtape)

Future is the present, the zeitgeist of mainstream hip-hop music. Along with his collaborative album with Drake, What a Time to Be Alive, this is the soundtrack of championship winning champagne popping. It feels as dazzling as a crazy deep Steph Curry three, and a glance at Future's x's and o's may leave you dumbfounded as to how this works -- but it does. Swish -- hands up in the air!

 X - Disclosure "Holding On" featuring Gregory Porter -- from the album Caracal -- PMR/Island 2015

This is gospel right here.

 X - Big Sean "All Your Fault" featuring KanYe West -- from the album Dark Sky Paradise -- Def Jam 2015

Whether it's on his own songs or others, Big Sean is best in a teammate role. Just as much a KanYe West song as a Big Sean one, there is a spontaneous joy here -- as if they had just as much fun in the studio making this track as it has been to listen to this joint all year long.

X - Kendrick Lamar "Alright" -- from the album To Pimp a Butterfly -- TDE/Aftermath/Interscope 2015

It's hard not to mention To Pimp a Butterfly. And to me, this is the stand-out track.

X - D'Angelo "The Charade" - from the album Black Messiah -- RCA Records 2014

A sneak attack release by D'Angelo at the end of 2014, the music was caught up with the politics of police brutality -- but like Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" songs like "The Charade" are brilliant, timeless tracks for headlines not even written yet.

X - Baio "Sister of Pearl" from the album The Names -- Glassnote Recordings 2015

Chris Baio (and yes, he is related to this guy) is one of the chaps from Vampire Weekend, and "Sister of Pearl" is a delicious throwback to VW's earlier records. Insanely catchy and melodic.

X - Holly Herndon "Interference" from the album Platform -- 4AD 2015

Although Herndon could be categorized as an avant-garde composer, "Interference" is a sort of Kubrick-ian sci-fi cut that has just enough pop to fill a dance floor.

X - Jamie xx "Loud Places" from the album In Colour -- Young Turks 2015

A melancholy monster jam that could only come from the minds of the xx. The album is very strong, one of the year's best.

X - New Order "Restless" from the album Music Complete -- Mute 2015

In what feels like a long lost sequel to "Regret,"  "Restless" is perhaps the best New Order song in over 20 years -- even without Hooky.

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