Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Bell Beat - Our Manderley - 1/29 - Berkley Front

Bell Beat feel like a 2011 type band. Sliding through any of their shimmering pop twirls is like having every tastebud tinged with a different delectable indie-rock sensibility from the past decade. Only now, when the dust settles, can we start to mine and appreciate nuanced amalgamations such as this - (and thus move forth into the mysterious "teens" decade)

- a track like "Your Laugh" feels like the tight, chopping, change-up drums of a Sea and Cake-ish John McEntyre; "Don't Look Now's" driving beat, sunburst guitars, wispy vocals and indellible pop melodies seem to bolster and behold New Pornagrapher's unabashed effervescence (combined with barbed/quirky lyricism). And "Call Me The Fool's" precious propulsion, acoustic strumming that dances along, pianos/organs sweeping in sepita-toned daydreams and disarmingly intricate guitar solos stitched between cooed-out boy-girl vocals, then, well, one conjures the inevitable Belle & Sebastian-type chamber pop -

But Bell Beat are the graduating class of all of that... And, Our Manderley is their thesis statement.
They celebrate the release of their 2nd full length at the Berkley Front - with Big Mess and The Cold Wave - find out about the Sh! Mob - + first 25 album-buyers get a gig poster! + + some of the band members are crafting their own ale for your spirited enjoyment - come sip and listen.

The Bell Beat - Call Me The Fool from Luke Hartley on Vimeo.

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