Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blind Pig - 2/3

This Pig show has potential to be a showcase of the fringes of folk: it's deconstructing, re-assembling, electrocuting, then sand-blasting the idea of folk... then, dressing it up like a Christmas tree... and possibly, then, bending it into a bonzai

The Appleseed Collective are redefining the possibilities of the folk aesthetic, with dashes of gypsie and dixie - listen here

The Appleseed Collective - Evil One by brandoninthevoid

Maray Fuego has the quintessential blues/country twang and timor to her pretty voice. Buzzy, blistering acoustic guitar switches out for a declarative accordion.

Del Brutto might become the lo-fi, more straight-blues counterpart to a Black Keys type trip - cathartic vocals, distinct guitars, and sparse, pounding drums.

And then, Brandon Wiard... the somewhat punk-ish / free-jazz jelly between the loaves of a mutated Dylan and Beefheart... and that's only on certain nights... unpredictable.

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