Monday, January 3, 2011

Hallway - 1/14 - Blind Pig - with the Juliets / Silverghost / Ornery Little Darlings

This Ypsi trio blends the stately strutting hooks of British Invasion's excitable aristocracy onto fuzzed out indie-rock riffs and an undeniably grooving rhythm section. They've got a fairly straight forward debut full length (up on bandcamp) - shining with the simple charm of guitar-bass-drums.

Hallway flirts with that fun and freewheeling, sock-hop facilitating sway, with effervescent vocals tap dancing on the bass lines, but they mix in these buzzy eruptions on electric guitar giving it a coarser sheen. A reverence for the reverb and romantic style of classic 60's pop is prevalent but vocally and instrumentally other tracks traipse into a bit darker, more cathartic territory than the usual pop fair. Still room for growth yet, but it shows promise.

Listen to "The Rugs"
Or, DC's personal fav


Bands on that bill (at the Blind Pig)

Silverghost (<--watch some videos)

The Juliets (<-download their LP)


Ornery Little Darlings (from Chicago) - take a listen (here) to hear more from their Oh La La

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