Thursday, January 20, 2011

Currently Listening: Chimneys

These will be some fitting winter jams; Chimneys' debut album details a century's old race to the South Pole, pouring in all the frosty, extremity-numbing imagery expected with treks into the unforgiving wilderness' slippery terrain and sporadic gusts of subzero dissuades.

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Their theatrical folk style may set a stark stage, of a boot-stomped, scarf-swathed, mustachioed Norwegian braving the bluster and danger of a snowy odyssey with turn of the century equipemnt, but the warm harmonized vocals wisp and patter atop a chilly guitar reminiscent of a songbird's cheery melody, counteracting the icy milleu. The woven harmonies and bouyant, barreling melodies are definitely the strengths (at least as evident from the two songs you can preview here); and there's a certain chamber-pop charm to the predominance of banjo and accordion. I know...concept album + eclectic instruments and you might think Decemberists or Arcade Fire - but you should hear for yourself... Detroiters might even hear hints of Zoos of Berlin in "At Polheim," with it's atmospheric guitars, and gossamer, crooning vocals (that seem to affect hints of a British accent).

It's out later this winter-
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scott said...

it took one show for the chimneys to become one of my favorite NYC live acts... tell me when you want to roll to NYC to see them live...