Sunday, January 23, 2011

Secret Twins - High Strung - Carjack - 2/3 - Loving Touch

Secret Twins are keepin' busy - new songs in the works for a forthcoming follow-up to 2010's Ill Fit LP. Plus, lead singer/lead-guitarist Dina Bankole is recording with (one of her many other bands), Swimsuit, (this week, with the illustrious J. Mascis).

The High Strung are all over the world and internet now - via a recent local Chevy commerical and, most recently, thanks to their charming and spastic sounds slipping into the new Showtime show, Shameless.

Carjack continues his zany explorations/robot colonizations through our planet. He's re-settled into his former HQ and has started developing his own recording space to document and trasmit electro-punk logs back to...or out to... wherever.

Here's a picture of all the drummers from the bands - who play together, 2/3 at the Loving Touch.

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