Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cafe Ollie - 2/1 - Grand Opening - Dan Kroha + Hush Arbors + Swimsuit + Jason Ajemian

(pic by Tim Adkins, Foodie-post from the iSPY site).

What can they get you?

Cafe Ollie brings you some of the usual subtle, homey, stimulating comforts - coffee - sandwiches - intriguing and charming staff - and an omnipresent vibe-(like the distant, echoing gregorian chant swirling through a cathedral's arches), -of appreciation for art and music. "50% meat-eater + 50% vegetarian + 50% vegan + 150% delicious"

And it's yet another sprig of vibrancy to sprout in Ypsilanti's Depot Town - oh so recently made just that much more electric by the well received opening of Woodruff's. Just down the street - at 42 Cross Street - stands Ollie's - a new music cafe for the curious, the cultured, the cool and clueless and the meandering iconoclasts.

On Feb 1st - they'll have a commendable launch party of sorts - featuring music from Dan Kroha (of Gories-fame), Hush Arbors, Jason Ajemian and Swimsuit.

Also inhabiting the cafe that night, besides the music and the whir of cappuccino machines, will be a group art show featuring Michigan artists: Matthew Bernick, Thelonious Bone, Spencer Bryant, Robert DiMaria, Tom Hohmann, Gregory McKeighan, Alexander Roskowski and Jeremy Wheeler.

More info here.

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