Tuesday, December 23, 2008

deep cutz: End o' the Year + The High Strung / SSM / Electric Fire Babies / Battling Siki - PJs Lager House 12 / 26

The year leaves us feeling markedly more energized as a music community, (the rise of Deastro, Prussia – the evolution of Child Bite, Terrible Twos, the transformation of The Go)… yet still perceptibly groaning out for that last push through the ever-moving goal posts of what could garner genuine respect or acknowledgement, either from the hollow mainstream press, or touring bands, or just our local bloggers.

Hell, I don't know who we're trying to impress here, anyhow... and, why our legitimacy is constantly debated. You want escapism? You have it, any night of the week. You want to swim the innards of a pure unadulterated arts community? You can do that too… Why bicker? As the year ends – let's just see where this goes...It's so easy to judge the scene, it's a lot harder to stand up and believe in it…'cuz at that point you're sacrificing yourself – you succeed or fail WITH the scene. And that's something every band/musician in this city is devoted to…

This week: The always impressive power-pop trio The High Strung (pictured) headline PJs Lager House with soul-shockers Electric Fire Babies, gutsy-blues of Battling Siki and the familiar sounds of S.ame S.ex M.arriage.

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