Friday, December 12, 2008

Night Shall Eat These Girls And Boys - "Martha" (playing the Belmont 12 / 20)

Meet: Night Shall Eat These Girls And Boys...
if you haven't can catch up on this experimental folk/pop collective here...

Collective is used loosely, but not negatively; it's just the formula that multi-instrumentalist Willy Skillets has found most comfortable. Far from the old Spinal Tap cliche of a revolving door band, Skillets simply utilizes whomever (and whatever) is around him at the time when inspiration hits...and that has come to mean that his circle of comrades (many of them college-age, just like him) are often coming and going on very agreeable and understanding terms. The line-up currently in place during this article may have changed by now...but the endearing fleet-footed pop structures and stirring electro/folk minimalism still remains -

evidenced by their latest song, a cover of what is potentially my favorite Tom Waits song (though that's a futile decision) of all time..., the tear-jerking, butterfly-stomach ballad, "Martha" (Currently up at their myspace)

And, here's another track...

Where Did Our Love Go? [Supremes cover] - Night shall eat these girls and boys.

They join Marco Polio and the New Vaccines at the Belmont, 12 / 20.

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