Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lenny Stoofy - 12 / 20 Belmont

original draft of a print v.-deep cutz, which was held because we weren't sure if the band was confirmed for the bill...but now, they're on...and, apparently also playing a house-show afterwards(?) possibly near Southfield(?) Scrummage fans (who don't already know where to go) could probably come to the Belmont to check with Stoofy for the details...]


Deep Cutz:
Lenny Stoofy

I've been told that Lenny Stoofy is like Benny Stoofy but "even more fucked…"

...or is it the other way around? It all depends on how much you can handlehow deeply you can immerse yourself into the swirly, twitchy, subterranean fuzz and space-folk whirl of each band's flavor (both are connected by Scrummage University being their birthplaces). Melodies get flanked by feedback, synthesizers coalesce in shambolic dizzies with barking shouts and ghostly hums, guitars hover ominous and somewhere in the thick of it you can pick out a song. And that's true for both outfits.

So then, now that we're all good and confused, I can say that one, (not both, but) Lenny Stoofy (pictured) will be playing the Belmont 12-20 (more than likely...) with two bands in the top-5 running for longest local band name: Marco Polio & The New Vaccines and Night Shall Eat These Girls and Boys.

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