Saturday, December 13, 2008

Detroit Sounds And Spirits 2008 - 12 / 19 - Magic Stick

...seasons greetings...


(poster by - Silent Giants^)

(featuring the Handmade Holiday Shoppe...)

Interviews/feature in next week's Real Detroit


andrewdisplay said...

what bands ya gonna feature? (hint hint, nudge nudge)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Nice mention of the Sounds & Spirits show; thank you! But one thing; The Handmade Holiday Shoppe has ABSOLUTELY NO affiliation with Handmade Detroit!! There is no website. I can provide you with a list of vendors if you'd like.

1. The Silent Giants (who did the poster)
2. City Bird
3. Comfortably Lovely
4. Michele Maule
5. La Femme Monkita
6. Brash Design
7. Kenny Corbin Photography/Karpov the Wrecked Train