Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pretty Ghouls - Dead At The Dandy Teen Club

Pretty Ghouls EP release show
Saturday June 13
presented by Seraphine Collective
at The Trumbullplex (4210 Trumbull)
ft. Mystery Actions (from Chicago) & JUNGLEFOWL (from Ypsilanti)

Sludgy boogies and elbow-barbed tornadoes, here comes the volatile rock 'n' roll of The Pretty Ghouls. 

New EP out this week: Dead At The Dandy Teen Club 

Running at tempos that risk tripping over themselves, with fuzz-torched guitars purring nitroglycerin and throttled with throaty vocals that somehow bring a soulfulness to their snarl, this trio leaves it all and heaves it all with all four tracks on their upcoming E.P. While I could invoke the words punk or garage, it just doesn't seem to stick to their unique signature rock sound, or even soulful sound (particularly in those vocals, hurried and hellraising as they are...)

"Outlaw Blues" has whiplash headbanging and riff-storms that ignite the ghoul in us all, our wilder sides that come out from the shadows to shimmy-shake till the whole room breaks...The guitars blaze along like a spark following an ominous line of powder toward an unseen keg while the crescendos, a flurry of cymbal crashes, feel so cathartic, despite their bellicosity, that its almost fearsome how much you can get down to this sonic demolition derby.

Not that it's all sturm und drang on this... the vocals can showcase their softer sides in the opening bars of "Cool Girls," emoting these dulcet tones in a sweet harmonization that goes from an airy tenderness into a swiftly turnt-up tension... And then the tantrum tumbles in and we're back to those 1-2 punching drums. "Hey Cool Girls / sorry to be cruel... you're not that cool" the two leading ladies sing/shout through the choruses.

These four songs each make you want to turn it up louder, listen closer, shake and stomp and yell harder... Sometimes it's only 80 seconds long but its still enough to lose your shit...in the most re-invigorating way attainable with through rock music...

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