Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saturday: Jacoby's: Electric Fire Babies

Cheers to Mr. Handyside at the Metro Times for digging through the white noise of myspace to illuminate the legend of Carjack and provide proper and timely fanfare to a band that's prime to take the city by storm, the Electric Fire Babies. Krautrock, rap, basement-bootyshaking-beats, nihilistic dystopic disertations on "the city" with classic funk guitar chording and speak-sing-howl boy-girl harmonies over devestating techno style synth drum and bass - the result two relentless sound scientists in their own DIY 4-track aesthetics, Lo-fi Bri and Justin Audio's sensibility and musicianship combined with the insuppresible voice (and rhythms) of Miss N. on vocals...this band has hit the ground running...

...and is headlining Jacoby's this Saturday, with comparable darkly electro pop/experimental act Marco Polio and the New Vaccines - and and the thick atmospheric/dance electronica of NikTronic.


and of course, this is still on for Friday...


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