Sunday, November 8, 2009

Carjack turns 4 - offers 4 free EPs in 4 weeks - plays 11 / 20 at Crofoot

...starting tomorrow (11/9) can download your first (of four) free Carjack EPs - here

Yes, that's right - this month marks the 4 year anniversary of Carjack's fateful crash landing near a Taco Bell on 8-mile - from whence he emerged with his army of robots, a Gibson SG and a Danelectric slung around each shoulder and a drum machine strapped to his back like a proton-pack.

The space-punk-rock electro circus sermons of singer/songwriter Lo-Fi Bri that have been barrell-rolling their way across just about every possible perform-able stage in the city for the last four years, were only the evolved version of lo-fi indie/punk fuzz-pop ballads recorded in bedrooms and basements through the mid-to-late 90's.

Though I'd hate to indulge the old indie-blog cliche of conjuring Bob Pollard or Lou Barlow as adjectives in industriousness - Lo-Fi Bri has hundreds of cassettes, minidics, micro-cassettes and a hard-drive filled with "songs, ideas & experiments."

Thus, Carjack is offering free songs (old, new and rare homeade recordings) for the first time on high quality DRM-free MP3's, download-able for the public at his new site starting Monday - November 9th through November 30th....

You get the rare pre-Carjack stuff, but also bonus tracks, weirdered stuff, new stuff and unreleased tracks from original hand-made physical copies.

So head to the site every Monday morning for FOUR forth-coming EPs (and kill some time with some classic arcade games!)

And, in the meantime, if you'd like to take in some of the songs you're downloading - join Carjack on the 20th (11/20) at the Crofoot - where he'll join Marco Polio & The New Vaccines and The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre in an informal Detroit No-Wave Revue - with special guests (from Toledo) - goLab!

Here's a bit of Photo Recon from a recent Marco Polio / JCM performance at the Belmont.

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