Monday, November 30, 2009

Radio Killed The Video Star; CAID Radio; Dec 5 - Scrummage Records; 'Expose Yourself to Art'

It would behoove you to head over to the always reliable and often heartening Detroit Today - to listen to Craig Fahle, a reporter focused on our community, talk about this:

"A local low power AM radio station and the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit have teamed up to help introduce Detroit-area kids to reporting on their community. CAID Director Aaron Timlin and Steven Cherry- founder of AM 1610, join us to discuss."

There's numerous dimensions to this forthcoming concert/celebration, Dec 5th - at the CAID (5141 Rosa Parks Blvd) - so let's go down the list...

As something similar to an apprenticeship - aspiring high-school-age reporters of Detroit and Hamtramck will be able to learn about radio journalism and production - with the help of a 5-month after-school program provided by Hamtramck's AM 1610 ("The Station") in collaboration with the CAID - hosted at the Ladybug Studios (down Hubbard in SW Detroit). In an age of inane 24-hour-news networks cycling and cycling often harmfully arranged and misleading dribble as plucked and pulled by Newscorp or General Electric - the CAID and The Station are spurring a grassroots movement to help shape the future of journalism.

The program, dubbed "Expose Yourself to Art" - will focus on covering the local arts scene from various angles - reported and produced by 9th--12th graders.

Now that you know the cause - come celebrate the kick-off of "CAID Radio," with up-and-coming bands all sprouting from the Scrummage circle / Scrummage Records: ManNiKin (go to their page, listen to "Linger") / Telephone Callers (short on time? listen to "Give Up // Critical Thinking") / Coup d'etatas (the Pavement-fan in me suggests "Serengeti Nightmare") - who will all be joined by DJs BLK_OUT and Snag Toof

We have a fine show at the CAID; the burgeoning Ladybug Studios; grassroots work towards the salvaging of journalism and the promotion of community arts; a showcase of fine and refreshing newer bands, thanks to the equally notable and locally-grown Scrummage Records; DJs blasting a varity of house and techno; and the eventual strengthening, thanks to the young talent-to-be-trained, of Hamtramck based AM 1610.

Dec 5 - CAID
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CAID - AM 1610

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