Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Science Rocks - 11 / 19 - Detroit Science Center

Now, locally, on all these blogs, or weeklies or what-have-you, we often run feeds of various upcoming shows - mostly live concerts, mostly local bands.

This upcoming show - Science Rocks - is, firstly, spearheaded by, yes, a blogger - of sorts, (but, properly, a true music writer, thus a DC fav) - Laura Witkowski, who you can read in print, often, in Metro Times, or over here - and, secondly, unlike 99.4% of the live concerts these blogs point all of us too - this one (11/19) can be educational!

Now, seen through the eyes of your 8-year-old self, the Science Center is a field-trip type place where your young naive self learns about electricity and kinetics and gravity and revels in the glee of hands-on experiments. But in a grown-up world of apocalyptic economies where the service industry has used it's fat ominous ass to squash out the growth of young people entering careers in science and engineering, one would see the furthering of Science education as beyond-integral!

That said, you can visit a dome IMAX theatre! Sit back, look up and marvel at a documentary about The Alps with Michael Gambon (of Professor Dumbledore fame) - there will be a live soundtrack provided by suave proggy art-pop quartet Zoos of Berlin (pictured above) - (playing as the film scrolls by - ala Neil Young to Dead Man or Miles Davis to Elevator to the Gallows)

Also performing are the punk-tinged indie-pop trio New Grenada; the darkly-grooved indie-rock quartet I, Crime; and the deceptively "cute" pop/rock trio Lightning Love

You don't have to have kids-to-bring, bring the kid-in-yourself
You don't have to be a science-nerd - just consider it sating the hipster music lover side of yourself

Though if you do know some kids who would dig it - I don't know, your own offspring or some lil' cousins or what-have-you, then give them some education - in Science and in music - 11/19 - at the Detroit Science Center
And if you are a science nerd - then what are you waiting for?
For advance tickets -
$20 ($15 for members) includes admission to the Science Center - drink tickets - and the live performances of those listed above.

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