Monday, November 16, 2009

CD Release - 11/21 - PJs Lager House: SugarSpell and Tone & Niche -with Big Livy

"Folk" music gets thrown around so much, like some tattered flimsy dog-chewed wind-blown, holey, tattered frisbee... But you all have synapses fire off in your head when I say it - syrupy toned vocals bleeding out visceral emotions of heartbreak and quiet joy over delicate acoustic guitars - And while you're likely to get that from all three of the acts on the bill at the Lager on 11/21 - they each have their own intricacies, from violins, to spacey guitars, to spoken-word.
SugarSpell and Tone & Niche will both be celebrating the release of respective recordings - for SugarSpell (Jeffree Paul St. John), Check Engine is his fourth proper release, while the Tone & Niche quartet will offer a double disc of "Live" recordings. Big Livy will join them.

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