Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: Pants Yell!

Pants Yell! – Received Pronunciation – – Slumberland Records

Pants Yell! could very well be a pleasant surprise for you – once you get past most of their reviews and bios perfunctorily recounting their home (Cambridge, MA) and that their a trio of art students who like playing stripped down indie-rock that occasionally dips it’s toe into the fuzz-filled frivolity of wizzle-spin twee-pop of mid-90’s past. It also may run the risk of skirting that stylish sweater-pop that this band’s would-be New England foils Vampire Weekend – in fact, I may direct some of said-band’s fans to give this more down-home-guitar-lovin’ trio a chance –

It may well be the classical indie-rock reverent punch you’ve been waiting for; the dizzy of those intertwining guitars, low and buzzy dosey-doeing with higher surf-toned meanderings, soaring and soothing along with lyrics altogether naïve and jaded, biting and charming. In a world where bands are riding the buzz of their ostentatious genre-splicing, or over-fuzzifying their bass and dabbling in the middle grounds of trance and folk, or, you know, just generally confusing the whole matter of a good, straight-forward pop song, then rejoice in finding Pants Yell!, a trio who appreciate the power of simple melody and a shimmering, mellifluous guitar to warm your ever chilling heart in the graying haze of those forthcoming winter walks

Listen - Pants Yell! "Cold Hands"

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