Friday, December 11, 2009

Info on Detroit Santarchy / Motorcityblog / plus - 12 / 19 - HafLife / Karalavara / The Stimulus at Lager House

Ahh Santarchy -

good ol' yuletide debauchery. Freaks frolic the streets, crawling from bar to bar dressed in varying interpretations of Santa's red suit and white fur, be it in tuxedo version or skimpy cocktail waitress version or something completely outta left field. Travel in roving gangs, with dashings of elves here or there, or maybe a reindeer or two...

The point is, there's plenty of shows going on around then...and one notable stop includes PJs Lager House - where up-and-comers Karalavara unleash their dark and smoky blend of metal and psychedelia - formed from members of The Kingsnakes and the Dirty Love Bites. They're joined by the confrontational-yet-catchy industrial-funk-rock, otherwise known as "bootycore," brought to you by the savy HafLife, and the bills rounded out by soulful power-trio, with their energy-suggestive name, The Stimulus.

Santarchy is on Facebook - go search for them and make them your friend. Or go here.
Or, head over to Motorcityblog to read a message from Santa, and find more info on a giveaway contest provided through MCB!

P.S. - More on HafLife here, at the Detroit News.

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