Monday, December 28, 2009

NYE - mgk stk

(pictured - Secret Twins - photo--Keith-McArthur)

- New Year’s parties can be balls of herky-jerky energy – everyone standing around har-harring about resolutions, waiting to get passed plastic champagne glasses until only 10% of the gathered populace actually acknowledge the countdown at the temporally correct moment and then…what?

Or worse, there’s too many parties to choose from… How ‘bout this – we forget about the countdown and lose ourselves in a whirl of parading bands spanning electro-pop to arty folk to fast punchy punk – and we let you settle in one place and make that choice easy because there will be almost three-whole-concerts-worth of bands lined up at the Magic Stick, a collection reaching double digits. You have the new-wave spurred Silverghost, the stately shuffled folk of Mick Bassett & the Marthas, the surf-tinged psyche of Frustrations, the fast, fibrous punk of Kommie Kilpatrick, krautrock-pop of Computer Perfection, dark metaly garage of The Octopus, groove-ful psyche-blues of Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, rough-hewn art-rock of Druid Perfume, intricate atmospheric psyche-rock of Infinity People – and – (pictured above) an up-and-coming Ann Arbor duo called Secret Twins who meld the shambolic shred of 90’s indie with the softer harmony-heavy brushes of indie-tinged neo-folk balladeers. (info)

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