Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sounds and Spirits - 12-23 - Magic Stick

12/23,... the-night-before-the-night-before... the Magic Stick hosts the 8th annual Sounds and Spirits Olde Fashioned Holiday Spectacular, a massive line up of local bands crammed together like red-nosed, arm and arm in-laws, to spread good cheer and raise money for Detroit COTS, Coalition on Temporary Shelters -

Born in 2002 between musicians Dave Feeney and Thomas Trimble, the festival often feels like a studio-set faux-living room with hosts like longtime S&S players: country-rockers Blanche, American Mars and Sunshine Doray grinning at the cameras as they lean on the fireplace mantle with thick fuzzy sweaters, toasting egg-nog as they direct you between two main stages featuring a ping-pong give and go of bands whirling on and off stages to perform two or three quick songs (often holiday/winter themed) and, sometimes, offering priceless, hammy between song banter, perhaps from Blanche’s Dan John Miller.

This glorious send-up to Rankin/Bass claymation schmaltz and snow-dusted magic includes performances from: The Hard Lessons (pictured top), Silverghost, The Go, Outrageous Cherry, The Pop Project, The Hounds Below, Friendly Foes, The Satin Peaches, American Mars and many more. Head over to Motorcityrocks for more info - including line up updates like: The debut of Conspiracy of Owls, The Davidson Family, Sean Hoen Sleeps Til Dusk, and A Kroha Family Smithmas (with one member pictured, middle-above)

More importantly, and on a downer-note, USA Today recently reported first-time homelessness on the rise, specifically in Detroit, so even if you don’t go that night to support COTS temporary shelter work, visit them online at:

more info - Magic Stick

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