Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sub Sprawl's Season's Greetings

Like lighting the tree in Rockefeller Center, re-watching It's A Wonderful Life, or maybe ice-skating at Campus Martius - thus we, here, in the SE-MI music scene have our own uplifting year-end traditions: the stately souls and unabashed-lovers-of-good-natured-literate-indie-pop over at Suburban Sprawl return with their annual tradition of offering a 2-CD free-download of wintery-tinged material from a very wide circle of artists throughout Michigan - bringing warmth and cheer, and sometimes heartache and spacey atmospherics to the holiday season.

This year does not disappoint, not only in it's eclectic line-up, ranging from American Mars to the Office's Scott Masson to Lightning Love to Jaguar Medicine (Alan Scheurman) to Those Transatlantics to label leader Zach Curd - but also in material.......

Pan!c and Sharon offer a trip/hop rendition of Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here; Arranged Marriage serenade us a soft and fuzzy ballad of Christmas Eve - "Santa Just Crashed Into My House and He's Drunk as Fuck" ; John Nelson offers us a topical heartrending/heartening topical low key rocker with "I Survived the Hazel Park Tanker Explosion Several Months Before Christmas"; and Daniel Zott gives a nod to Uncle Frank from what-one-hopes-is-not-the-It's-A-Wonderful-Life-of-Our-Generation-but-could-very-well-be--Home Alone, with: "Look What You Did You Little Jerk"

I digress - just go here to download it as well as check out the others on the long track list - and dig the cover art by Marty Smith (below)

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