Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elizabeth Butters - 4/18 - Cliff Bell's - with Dan Kroha and the Sisters Lucas

Funny thing - I was already picturing a rickety low-roaring 1920 Hudson Super-Six rolling across grain-field framed gravel roads, with a Clarence Ashley banjo stood up in the front seat and Bonnie & Clyde's tommy-guns on the backseat floor - before I even read Elizabeth Butters' profile - that will subsequently reference a strong reverence for all sorts of similar imagery.

East Coast based up-and-coming folkstress Elizabeth Butters seems possessed with the dozens of noble spirits haunting the old-dusty-1930's recordings of the Anthologies of American Folk Music.

Currently signed to Roots-leaning label, Top Magic Records, she'll be releasing the a full length titled ...sings Folk Blues for Appalachian - dulcimer and guitar - via the ever-romantized 10" vinyl format.
To celebrate - she plays Cliff Bell's on Sunday night - joined by Detroit's Dan Korha and and The Sisters Lucas

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