Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shows and things...

All 'round Michigan - Friday is the last night of smoking in rock clubs...

There's a lot of shindigs going on celebrating/mourning everyone's last legal drag - here's another...with a welcomed return from the Silent Years (somewhere, somehow, sometime, they'll have a new LP out), and they're joined by the Cold Wave and Jessica Hernandez - April 30 in Ferndale. (WAB)

Then, the next day - Scarlet Oaks, Black Lodge and WTCM Gold play a sort of "after the law" affair at the Berkley Front.

Or, also - on May 1 - one of the weirdest (but refreshing) combinations I've seen in a the Keystone Underground (below J Neil's Mongolian Grille, in Ypsilanti-MI) - Lightning Love - with Carjack and Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful. Come wish Leah a happy birthday!

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