Monday, April 26, 2010

Motorcity Special - 5/8 - Jazz Cafe (Music Hall Center) - Detroit


Motorcityblog has, for more than 5 years, been consistently documenting/plugging/aggrandizing/-and-expand-izing Detroit's finest in the realms of art, culture, music and more. They present seemingly tireless coverage-of and dedication-towards, the arts community/music scene here.

Now - continuing their reverence for Detroit's musical legacy as well as its current (formidabble) crop of creators - it joins a fellow stalwart supporter of the city's culture - label design/graphic-artist Kevin Pachla - who founded Product of Detroit in 2008 (and heads Label Network) - to promote a new record label - MOTORCITY SPECIAL Recordings!

Put succinctly:
"There are a lot of Detroit record labels, new and old but none are booking diverse Detroit lineups and recording them live at rotating Metro Detroit venues for release on limited edition vinyl records - manufactured at Archer record pressing, Detroit, Michigan.

We are not signing bands or retaining the rights to their studio music, only providing a unique vehicle for promotion that benefits the artists, venues and fans alike...."

To celebrate the launch of the label - they've culled an eclectic line up ranging from Brazilian-psyche, to southwest goth-blues, to NY-tinged post-punk space-rap - oh yeah:

Duende, Canja Rave, Electric Firebabies, The Wrong Numbers, MR SHZ, and DJ Savage Matt -

(Bastone Brewery is also on board as a sponsor)

More info at MCB

Motorcity Special

The Music Hall -

Jazz Cafe at Music Hall of the Performing Arts

350 Madison St Detroit MI 48226

(313) 887 8501

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