Friday, September 24, 2010

Beehive's Back - a new single each week; Aran Ruth flies on silver wings

Beehive Recording Co. was started up around 2007 by a well-known contributor to the noisy art of Detroit, Steve Nawara. Nawara is the illustrious guitarist and shreddy-solo-magic-maker for a handful of Detroit rock institutions, from the Detroit Cobras, to Conspiracy of Owls, to his own brainchild, Magic Shop. With Beehive, Nawara established an online label+store+network, with intent to release singles for free downloads of songs from various Detroit artists.
The heartfelt goal was to raise the flag of SE-MI with its constant unfurling of free songs to the world via the ubiquitous intraplanetary breeze-ways of the internet. One needs to sign up though (here) and become a Beehive member before you can start loading these onto your i-gadgetry, pods, pads or laptop hooey. This free song-service is dependent on the goodwill of donors, as any newly singed-up member can read the scrolling list of thank-yous and, perhaps, even click the donation button after a few listens.

Included in your hive-listening experience are three songs from Aran Ruth's latest digital EP. Always a captivating listen, Ruth's ghostly-folk sweeps are truly a haunting beauty - the breathy cascade of her voice matches that of the jangly acoustic guitars, but the fringes are rumbled with the distant thunder of feedback groans and modulated synth's space-swirling accoutrments.

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