Friday, September 17, 2010

Glasser - Rings - + Touring

Glasser is an echoey, swirling display of orchestral electronica - made beautiful by the silvery sweeping vocals (dizzyingly layered) of composer (and sole member) Cameron Mesirow but able made a bit kaledioscoped and faintly cracked by a fine sense for the experimental. The deeper you get into this album it's like you're willingly forging forth into ever darkening woods - it coaxes you in with the plaintive, pop-ish xylophone-tumbled ballad "Home" (listen below) but starts adding in ever more haunting sonic sensibilities of yawning synths, clattering pot-n-pan marches and primal, quirked chanting. Mesmeric, sparse, melodic - it always manages to set a dreamy, shoulder-shimmying groove.

Sept 29 Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall
Sept 30 Chicago, IL @ Metro
Oct 2 Boston, MA @ Paradise
Oct 3 New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Oct 4 Brooklyn, NY @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg

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