Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thurs - Fri - Sat

If you've got an Autumn mix burned (or a mix-tape cut together), then find me and I'll try my best to trade ya...

Tonight - at the Whitney - Garden Party
Later on, (tonight) - at Small's in Hamtramck
Bars of Gold release their debut full length
more info from Friction Records

Read a review HERE!

Then, Friday evening - at the New Center Park Stage - Oscillating Fan Club come out of the woodwork after recording a forthcoming LP!!! to perform alongside Duende and Macrame Tiger. The third of above-mentioned bands performed much earlier in the summer when these string of park shows were just getting started. It's fitting that they help wind it down. Here's some visuals.


It's Dally again!!!
Saturday afternoon into the evening.

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