Sunday, September 19, 2010

Breakfast with FAWN - with a side of 7" - (both free) - 10/3 - Steak Hut

free breakfast? AND free music??

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How about a delicious and healthy way to release your latest record? Detorit's FAWN have sufficiently tackled the sometimes headscratching-exasperation of 'what to do' or 'how to do it' when it comes time to release new music into this internet-world.

This quartet have recently wrapped recording their thickly guitar-coated, tight n' punching, harmony heavy indie-pop onto a 45, a 7"A-side/B-side "thing" with an "Identiglyph" on the first side...a "series of tones...converted to a single unbroken groove of varying depth," transferred to a vinyl "disk that can easily be read by a common phonograph."
FAWN's contribution is the dreamy, sun-ray soaked rock duet featured at their live shows through this, their first full year of existence, that being "Hip Parade." Side A, meanwhile, is an entry from Brand Labs, the company releasing the record.

To give you a taste, here's an MP3 single of one of FAWN's bouyant-to-cascading rock ballad, "Hip Parade" (listen below) -

You can get a free copy of FAWN's 7" when you show up to Detroit's Steak Hut (our town's oldest diner, 1551 W. Lafayette) on Sunday, October 3rd. At said occasion, you can enjoy a free breakfast, just for showing up, then take in a post-sausage-and-eggs listening of a live performance from the thoughtful FAWNers.

Their pairing with an intriguing and inventive new marketing company out of Rochester called Brand Labs - more info here where they research and apply the use of "Audiosynch Identiglyph" as well as streamline certain forms of e-commerce.
So it's fitting, considering all this creativity surrounding the release of said-7", that the title of the vinyl be:

Greetings from the World Wide Web.

To a.) enjoy FAWN b.) learn more about Brand Labs, and, c.) experiment with the Goertzel algorithm!, ...come to breakfast! And pick up a copy! And a plate.

Listen: FAWN - "Hip Parade"

FAWN - Hip Parade by user4841122

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