Sunday, September 26, 2010

ZombieBall - at Savoy - Ypsi - 10/9

Sometimes I can't contain my macabre/spook -penchants either....sheesh, even my house is already 23% decorated for the forthcoming horror-spurring holiday... which is why I nod to the 2nd Annual Zombie-Ball getting things started, comparatively early, for the season.
If you're already jonsesin to cover yourself in blood not-yet-two-weeks into the month, you can come revel with fellow un-dead partyers at the Savoy, in Ypsilanti -

Which, between the gruesome sight of suburbanites, day-jobbers and weirdo artists strolling around with blank expressions that seem to say "...bbbrrraaaaaaaiiinnnzzz...." - you can also see/hear live musical performances from dead-dolled up local artists -
Gothic bluegrass rockers - Black Jake & the Carnies - with that spaced-out noisy surf-punk style characteristic of Mazinga - and the always irreverent hip-hop hullabaloo of Downtown Brown - all of it dashed nicely with the entertaining and delectably gory Ded Dave Show.
$3 if you're in costume - $5 if you're too lazy

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