Monday, September 13, 2010

Things on My Mind - (in run-up to DIY) - (Thee Oh Sees)

Listening to: Isosceles Mountain - "Sanscarpious" - good post-post-rock! Grizzled, growlin' guitars, sparse, beautiful/dirgey daydreams with plenty of strdent scrapes and flexed, locked-in percussion.

Speaking of dreamy - Wallflower Mourner by Pewter Cub - said-local indie rock trio just released an album - more info here. Or watch a rendition here.

On Thursday at the Magic Stick - the illustrious High Strung will open for a DC favorite, Thee Oh Sees. This should make for a nice mix of thinking man's shredded and stately rambunctious rock, thinking-ladies'-too! Thee Oh Sees are a remarkable band by various accounts, not just their valiant and diligent DIY work ethic, their industrious output, but also their unique blend of spacey-spooky blues and tumbled out garage rock.

Take a watch:

and read an awesome review here, via Tiny Mix Tapes, of their latest, Warm Slime.

And...before DIY Street Fair dominates focus - please consider a swing down to the Lager House for the majesty-that-is: Red Iron Orchestra. Listen: "Dead Lakes"

More info

Also stirring my mind: this handy music-networking site - more locals should jump on.

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