Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ex-Norwegian 9-3 - Lager House

For what it's worth - I'm, like, one-fifth Norwegian + Newsweek just ranked it as the 6th "best country" averaged by a range of nuanced categories, economically, governmentally and sociologically.

Get an aural and visual taste of Ex Norwegian

Ex-Norwegian brings their aggressive yet easy-going, hard, hooking indie-rock to the Lager House, sliding in along side the psychedelic sunbeam swirls of Electric Lions Soundwave Experiment (for whom this is an EP release show!) and the mad space punk of Carjack. Weird mix. Sprinkle some spices, let it simmer and see how it goes after you stir it straight outta the oven. Have a spoonful.

It's one option...if one would rather avoid the potential beer-downing gun-toters sauntering their way betwixt moms with baby carriages and old folks with walkers. (Don't let that stop you from Arts Beats & Eats, though, there's some great bands playing, and the only weapons they carry are feedback and broken drum sticks.)

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