Friday, August 13, 2010

CAVE - 8/21 - Alvin's (with Jealousy / James Baljo)

This has been one of my favorite finds of 2010 -

Chicago's CAVE roots in-and-riles-up the perfect balance between punk-ish splattered new-wave pop and fast funky krautrock.

I know the third week in August is already a slammed schedule for a lot of SE-MI's, be it for music, cars or the usual deluge of ne'er-do-well rigmarole... but give it a listen (here) and see what you think...

Since they can be a difficult band to "google," and thus wind up proving difficult to track down videos or MP3s for you quick blog clickers out there - how about, instead, just stare at this picture -
and have that aptly elucidate the visual accompaniment to the aural jitteriness of the opening 13 seconds of "Hot Bricks."

More info on their latest release, Pure Moods - from Drag City.

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