Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Robin Goodfellow - Susannah, You See Beyond

It's like I'm floating in space... my ankles catching on the gangly goop of stars like a celestial strands of lucid cosmic spider webs wafting in the sea of blackness; various objects hover past me: the whirring clang of some UFO's engine or the quicker screeching woosh of a shooting star...longish stretches of amorphous darkness are illuminated by these brief passings of stirring galactic traffic...

At least, if one closes ones eyes with one's head between headphones...while listening to the steady churning, truly-"atmospheric"-drift of Robin Goodfellow's 17-minute "The Hollow of the Tree Hills,"...well, then maybe you'll find yourself daydreamily tripping out onto similar fantastical exospheric landscapes.

Once you make it to the 8-minute mark, a muffled, punchy beat finally accelerates the piece, and while these lumbering rocket ship engines continue to sputter around the corners, a wavy synth coos in to warm things up as the beat continues to propel forward... either back to Earth or, if you like, out deeper, passing a handful more of alien suns and systems...

But that's my trip.

Nathan Burgundy (Computer Perfection) and A.P. MacKinnon (Mother Whale) unite in surreal sounds and meditative noise via Robin Goodfellow - which you can sample at said-project's bandcamp or over at their facebook.

Happy floating.

Here's their blog. I'm not sure when their next show is - but they're on for this year's Zombie Dance Party - Oct 30 - Magic Stick.

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