Saturday, August 14, 2010

Listen: Blonde Readhead / Pantha Du Prince (then, See:)

Blonde Readhead pairs with Pantha Du Prince - for a show this autumn - Mon 10/18/10 Detroit Magic Stick

Should be a cozy little fall-feelin' affair - dark, fuzzy, clangy yet grooving -

Yes, it is still only just August... but, you can at least start whetting your aural appetites now, via these tunes.

The first comes from Blonde Redhead's forthcoming Penny Sparkle (4AD) - their first in three years - laying down tracks with the same producers who recently worked with Fever Ray,
Massive Attack and Bat for Lashes.
more info: 4AD

Pantha Du Prince (Hendrik Weber) is returning to the states, after having already played some shows here in support of the splendid and trippy Dark Noise (via Rough Trade).

Have a listen to this:

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