Friday, August 6, 2010

Illy Mack

I slalomed my way up to the bar's edge with this new high tech contraption, some horrible hand-held 2001-obelisk glowing in my hands, trying to work the "camcorder" app on this doohickey-that-is-also/sometimes-a-phone... so that I could capture a live performance of Illy Mack covering Madonna's "Like A Prayer..."

But of course, I didn't hit the buttons correctly (the smart-phone being too-smart for me) and the brief 45-second false start of the synth-lead sanctimonious/sacrilegious dance-pop ballad through the mouths of this Detroit grimily-grooved indie-rock duo was lost to the general air as they wafted out and settled like smoky glitter upon the eyes, ears and minds of those gathered at Club Bart on that Wednesday night.
I was happy to finally catch a full set with these two. (whats gona happen to you by illymack) -2 musicians are up there doing the work of 4 ½ -
Steve Kendzorski handles the rhythm (stomping a bass drum and tapping cymbals while slapping a bass), back-up vocals and between song banter (...ideally when snarkily requesting a drum solo) while Jennifer David's dynamic lead vocals soar and growl over her bluesy guitar--which often gets re-slung behind her back so that she can tend to the keyboards (upon a ironing table) or a saxophone (also slung around her other shoulder).
A Shirelles cover fit in nicely into their bluesy punk and fractured pop style. You can see them on the 13th of August - at Alvin's -with Fur, Pewter Cub and Marco Polio & the New Vaccines

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