Thursday, August 19, 2010

Legendary Creatures - The Burgundy Demos

With an old-world, candle-lit vibe, Legendary Creatures stride from pastoral, jangly folk-pop to a an effervescent alt-country tract that emphasizes harmony and rhythm, with the honeyed hum of a Roland organ square dancing with the quaint, tinny ripple of a mandolin.

"I Guess I’m Not Good Enough" is sparse and springy, with wispy vocals that sound as though they could just as easily be whispering beside you as they could be circling undetectably out and around the windblown treetops. "Elf In The Woods" has a lullabyish sway with the bass’s wavy trot and stomp facilitating duel-duets of acoustic guitar and mandolin and boy-girl harmonies that meld in such a idyllic swoon at choruses that feel like the bracing cool breeze of on-setting autumn. The nocturnal wandering moan of that shuffling guitar at "It’s Got Soul’s" opening gets eased and warmed by the playful plodding Roland and even more beautified by the achingly enchanting soar of the harmonies…the harmonies – again and again – it keeps coming back to that, I keep repeating it…in vocal and instrumental delivery, it’s the Legendary Creatures strong suit.

Listen to the songs from The Burgundy Demos here (download the EP, likely named for the bassist/keyboardist who also recorded the affair).

And listen to "We Are The Ones..." below.

<a href="">We are the Ones by Legendary Creatures</a>

More info: Legendary Creatuers

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